Welcome to Lace Leggings!

Why are little girl lace leggings so hard to find?  

Well look no further!  

From the stay-at-home-mom that brought 
lace petti rompers to the masses comes the latest craze
 by her BFF and sister shop...where lace meets leggings.  
We like to call them Laceings!

Our 'laceings' are made of beautiful fine lace 
(not like the you-know-who childrens clothing chains that give you cotton jersey leggings with just barely an inch of lace trim on the edge!) and they are all soft comfy lace from waist to tippy toe!
They are a great asset to your little girl's closet.  We've got to cover up those unmentionables once they reach potty age, now don't we?!  Use our leggings as under shorts, for photoshoots, dressup, playtime, fancy or casual occasions-- pretty much whenever a touch of whimsy and 
dainty are needed.

So checkout our Details page to see our color/size choices and you are on your way to some super duper cute chubby legs to stare at!  Enjoy!

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